About Me

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Hi I’m Peggy, and I own and operate a birthing center. It’s called Grayclow Birthing Center.

I’ve owned this birthing center for 20 years. In fact, I started it. That’s why it’s called Grayclow—because that’s my last name. That’s also why the URL for this blog is Grayclow.com.

We do a booming business. Any time day or night, if you drive up to the center, you’ll see cars in the parking lot and lots of activity—often big-bellied mamas walking around accompanied by a spouse or boyfriend or girlfriend or some form of humanoid.

I installed a walking path around the parking lot specifically for these mamas who are trying to get labor to either start or progress. The path kind of winds around, and there are lots of benches spaced along the path, and pretty plants and bushes and garden decorations to make it a pleasant walk.

I also have music piped in along the path. It’s music that is specially selected to be both relaxing and to prod the body to get on with the show, so to speak. These mamas are on a mission to get that baby out. They’re done with the whole pregnant body thing and are ready to hold that new little creature in their arms.

I always have a group of midwives either on call or actually at the center ready for action. And of course all the birthing rooms are kept ready.

We’re a 24/7 center because obviously babies are born 24/7. You can’t have a birthing center with standard business hours. –Oh, sorry, we can’t take you in to have your baby because we’re closed! Yes, because we close at 5! Please come back after 8 am tomorrow to have your baby. . . .

No, obviously we can’t do that. Babies are no respecters of time or schedule or convenience or planning. They are the ones in control (as they will be for the next year!).

We have a reputation for always, always being ready for every woman and every situation and eventuality. Our readiness and care and service are why we’re ranked #1 in the entire nation for birthing centers, and why we have women who actually come to us from out of state in order to have their babies.

Even celebrities will come and have their babies at our facility.

I’m really proud of our center and our reputation. I do have pride in myself for building it from scratch and creating the whole ethos and reputation, but more than that I’m proud of my staff. They are such awesome people. Most are woman, but I have a few men on staff, too.

They are not just employees. They are a family and they truly love our clients. It shows all over the place—the fact that they’re in this work because they love it, not just because it’s a job.

So anyway, this blog is about the birthing center and things that happen there. And it’s about other random topics as well. Just peruse the categories and see what’s here and enjoy the read!