Rain Racing

Rain Racing

Today I wanted to talk about part of one of my favorite books. It’s called The Art of Racing in the Rain.

It’s really a great book. It’s about this guy, Denny, and he’s this amazing racecar driver. He has a dog, a wife, and a daughter. The story really unfolds when the wife dies and the wives’ parents try to take custody of the kid. The thing about this book that makes it so extraordinary is that it’s told through the eyes of the dog, Enzo.

This is especially interesting because the author did such a good job writing Enzo’s emotions and thought processes. It really feels like you’re just reading something a dog wrote. It’s pretty incredible. The way Enzo thinks about what humans do and act is very revealing and humbling.

When Enzo talks about eating food, he marvels at the fact that humans take time to enjoy their food. That they take time to chew it into a paste, taking in the flavors. He struggles throughout the book to eat his own food like humans do because he longs with all his heart to be human.

As the book progresses, this quote appears multiple times: That which you manifest is before you.

Ever since I read the book for the first time, in 6th grade, I’ve really lived by that quote. It’s so broad it covers so many different situations, but has yet to fail in encouraging me countless times.

I’ll break it down a little.

That which you manifest means what you create.

This could be multiple things. If you take it literally, it means what you make. But of course, we’re going to go a little deeper than that. That which you manifest, that which you create, is before you. Is before you. That which you create, lies before you. Sure, that could mean the birdhouse you made is sitting on the table in front of you, but there’s another way of looking at it.

Let’s look at it in the context of relationships.

The relationship that you create is before you. Before you as in in your future. Manifest in this sense means that you have the possibility, or the opportunity to create something. If you meet a pretty girl in a bar, the possible relationship you want to create is right in front of you.

The hard part is that now you have to take action. Sure, the opportunity is there, but a door can be open all day and you still have to work to go through it. The thing you want to do, to make, to achieve, to accomplish, is right there in front of you, you just have to go out and get it.

So go now, go get that job, go get that girl. The world is yours to take. The journey you manifest is before you. You can do anything in this world you want to, but you have to get up to get it.

That which you manifest is before you.