No Man’s Sky

no man's sky

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I’ve been hearing a lot about a video game called No Man’s Sky. I thought I’d try to get in on it, so I did some research, and you know how extensive my research can be.

I came to find out that this game is actually extremely incredible and is a whole new caliber of gaming!

First, I need to get you guys through the vocabulary I learned and will be using in this article.

The first phrase is Sandbox Game. This word in the gaming world almost never means an actual box full of sand. It’s the name of a category of games that don’t really have a clear main goal, or if they do, there’s multiple ways to achieve that goal, and players can choose whether or not to pursue that goal.

The second phrase is Procedural Generation.

This is what No Man’s Sky is completely built on. Procedural Generation is a system that basically enables the game to make itself. For example, the developers create 10 mouths, noses, and eyes, and a computer uses procedural generation to combine the different mouths, noses, and eyes to create something new, that the developer didn’t necessarily make themselves.

So now I’ll talk about the actual game.

The Game is literally the entire universe.


The space is accurate. There is a massive formula that the developers built to create over 18 quintillion planets. The game is so vast the developers sent robots out into the game to look for bugs or glitches in the game.

The developers didn’t stop there. They used procedural generation to create the spaceships, wildlife, and weaponry in the game. The result is something no one has ever seen before. An endless space game, where you can actually discover things and go places that no one has ever been before.

In this game we can all live out the childhood dream of becoming an astronaut. It’s incredible.

The team also put intelligent alien life into the game. Now you can meet and form alliances with multiple races of Aliens. Alien races also have different factions in them, like pirates or scientists. Befriending them can award you with new technology, or aid in a fight.

On the other side of the coin, one can also cause the race to dislike you. They are less likely to help you, and more likely to attack.

There technically is multiplayer in this game, but it’s not what you’d think in a traditional game. It’s like having the small percent of earth’s population that will actually be playing the game spread out across the entire universe.

The chances of running into anybody at all are less than 1%. Some are disappointed by this, but in my opinion, it increases the wonder and magic of the game. Looking up at the sky, each star an actual place in the game, knowing there are thousands of people just like you, exploring the universe, but not able to see any of them.

All in it together, yet all alone.

No Man’s Sky