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This blog will be one of my digression blogs. I.e. I’m digressing from my usual general topic of the birthing center and related subjects.

This blog is about plastic surgery. You’ll see why if you keep reading.

I’ve had a number of friends recently become interested in plastic surgery. It’s been for different reasons.

One wanted cosmetic surgery done, so she was looking up information on body lifts, breast surgery, breast augmentation, fat reduction, facial balance, and stuff like that.

The topic of conversation for weeks was variations on the theme: plastic surgery before and after, plastic surgery prices, plastic surgery gone wrong (the pictures! Omg!), plastic surgery facts, plastic surgery statistics, celebrity plastic surgery, etc, etc. Always she came with plastic surgery photos. Always I was impressed.

My other friend was looking into plastic surgery from the standpoint of reconstruction. The topic for weeks over lunches with her was breast reduction, cleft lips and palates, breast reconstruction, hand surgery, scar revision, skin cancer removal, tissue expansion, regenerative medicine, and the like.

She needed reconstructive surgery done, but in the process of researching that, got drawn into the whole world of plastic surgery and ended up looking into all of it. I mean, reconstructive plastic surgery. She had no interest in cosmetic plastic surgery.

As I listened to these friends, I got interested in it myself and started to explore it.

I Googled plastic surgeons Orlando and plastic surgeons near me and found Newman Plastic Surgery. When I Googled best plastic surgeons, the same group came up, so I knew I had found the right people.

I visited their website and got all kinds of great information and became more and more interested in the whole field. I had more conversations with the two friends I mentioned above and the three of us decided to start an interest group on the subject.

We started with very informal get-togethers—just the three of us—to talk about the various aspects of plastic surgery and to share the information we had gathered. We started telling other people about our interest group and they wanted to join us. So pretty soon there were ten of us meeting regularly.

That group kind of mushroomed from that point. Now we have weekly gatherings to discuss plastic surgery and the ins and outs of it, and there are 75-100 of us that get together.

I’m posting about that here to invite you to join us, too. Obviously there is more interest in the subject than I originally thought, so I’m just getting the word out.

You’re welcome to join us!

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